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This post is about Senior Resources Dementia Care and financial help to pay for care.

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Dementia Care


First, I did a search for: How Do I Pay for Dementia Care.

The private pay and the cost per month stand out in all the results.

However, there are a few other options/programs that might be something to review or look at.

Some highlights of these other options/programs:

First of all, Medicaid HCBS Waivers

Also, very few state Waiver programs require a specific diagnosis of Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Second, State Non-Medicaid Assistance Programs

Several states have programs that don’t consider an individual’s income or assets.

Next, Non-Profits and Foundation Assistance

There are three national organizations that offer levels of support.

Also, Aid and Attendance & VA Respite Care

These are other VA programs which are available to Veterans.

In addition, Reverse Mortgage

There are situations when a Reverse Mortgage could make sense.

Finally, Life Insurance Conversions

There are several ways insurance policies might be used to pay for care.

Insurance and Community Support Services


Private Long-Term Care Insurance

What types of care are available and who pays for the care?

Community support services

Many community organizations provide low-cost or even free services.

More resources to take a look at:

First, There are a number of Grants,

The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Relief Grant programs delivers much needed help!

Hilarity for Charity and Home Instead Network

Working together to award in-home care relief grants.

The John A Hartford Foundation

New Grants partnerships that support dementia family care giving.

Second, Fifth Season Financial provide funds using Life Insurance as collateral.

A financial assistance resource that could relieve the financial burden.

Next, Eldercare Financial Assistance Locator Tool

Another great helpful resource!

Finally, Other Support Services Programs:

Supports state and community efforts.

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