Paul Gallion

Welcome Glad That You Are Here!

First and foremost I am a Loving Husband, Greatest Step Dad, Grandpa, Brother and Son.

My Purpose

What I believe are the most pressing needs of the time:

1. Senior Help Resources
2. Hunger
3. Education Tapping EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in Schools Movement
4. Housing for Kids/Seniors that need a home with the love and interaction to share with each other.

My gifts that best serve the needs of the times:

Researcher, WordPress Blogger, Internet Marketing, Inventory Management, Content Creator, Handyman, Problem Solver, Trainer, Listener, Grocery Shopper, Salad Creator, Author, Planner, Price Negotiation & Cost Savings, Tapping, Meditation, Volunteer, Advocate for Change: (AARP Create The Change), Feeding America, Volunteers of America, Center for Food Safety, Food Summit Revolution, Michael J. Fox Foundation

My Information and Resources Focus:

Seniors (Help Resources), Kids and Seniors that are Hungry or need a home with the love and interaction to share with each other, Education Tapping in Schools Movement

My unique and special gifts:

Researcher, WordPress Blogger, Internet Marketing, Content Creator, Problem Solver, Listener, Planner, Tapping, Meditation, Volunteer, Advocate For Change

Why I commit myself to giving my gifts each and every day, with the intensity and focus of a mission?

Seniors will have the help resources that changed their World, there would be less Seniors or Kids that are hungry, Tapping in Schools Movement will give stress relief for children and Heal and Enrich the Next Generation

How I give My gifts to the world today and each day from now on:

Today would be through this Blog.

Each day from now on could include the following:
Education Seminars, Podcasts, YouTube Videos, Other Social Media

Please feel free to share the Information and Resources with others:

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Email me: admin@paulgallion.com

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